Thursday, November 4, 2010

More about Virginia

After I notice the scenery I start to realize the other things that are different from my home back in Massachusetts.  I see that Tabacco is the most important crop here.  Not as a food source but a very needed trading source.  It is called " brown gold" here in Virginia.  Tabacco is a cash crop.  This means it is sold for a profit.  Virginia is more wealthy then my home state.  I think this is because in Virginia there are larger farms then in Massachusetts.  Also they call the large farms here Plantations.  Since the farms are larger then there can be more crops made for a profit.  Back in Massachusetts the farms are small family owned farms.  In MA lumber is the main way of making a profit.  There are many trees to be cut down.  Virginia is a large farming place where Tabacco a huge part of life there.

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